Dating back to the 1950s, the HCG diet has been one of the greatest weight-loss programs for many men and women struggling with their weight. When followed correctly, patients can expect to see a half a pound to a pound of weight loss per day.  

Unlike most weight loss programs, the HCG diet can help to maintain lean muscle mass, despite the significantly reduced calorie intake. Where as, with most diets that significantly restrict calories, the body also burns and loses lean muscle. When the body loses muscle, metabolism slows down and people are much more likely to regain the weight they lost, and often gain more than they lost to begin with.

HCG is a hormone naturally produced by the body, it triggers the body into releasing/burning more stored fat for energy. This extra burning of stored fat helps to reduce cravings, and helps to make up for the diets calorie restrictions.

HCG is a pro-hormone, which helps promote the body to make more hormones. For both men and women, hormone imbalance or deficiency is often a cause for weight gain, whether it’s your thyroid, or menopause, or andropause, HCG can help. For those struggling with weight loss, despite diet and exercise, it's recommended that you have all of your hormone levels checked, this can be done with a simple blood test. 

Only HCG injections have been shown to increase the bodies levels of HCG. HCG in the form of drops, spray or pills often are ineffective and weight loss is solely due to calorie restrictions. 

30 Day Program Includes:

  • Consultation with medical professional.
  • 30 day supplies.
  • Guidelines and meal planning.
  • Weekly lipotropic/BLean injections.
  • Weekly weigh-ins.
  • Progress meetings with medical professional.

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