Medical Study: Laser Lipo - Non-invasive, Instant Fat Reduction, 6 inches Average Loss.

The Efficacy of the Lipo Laser in Body Contouring and Fat Reduction 

Caruso-Davis M, Guillot T, Yu Y, Bissoon L, Greenway F Published in Obesity Journal 15:A99, 2007, 2007 Presented at NAASO Annual Scientific Meeting, New Orleans, LA. October 20-24, 2007.


The Lipo Laser System is a semi-conductor based low energy laser device that emits light at 632 nm, is non-thermal and non-invasive. This Lipo Laser System was originally developed to treat carpel tunnel syndrome, but was modified for use in body contouring and spot fat reduction. In this study we explored the efficacy of the Lipo Laser in body contouring and fat reduction on subjects' waistlines as evidence by girth measurements and photographs. 


Forty healthy men and women ages 18-65 with a BMI <30 kg/m2 were randomized in a 1:1 ratio to either an experimental or control treatment. Each subject was treated with the Lipo Laser on their waistlines 30 minutes twice a week for four weeks. Standardized waist circumference measurements and photographs were taken before and after treatment 1, 3 and 8. Subjects were asked not to change their diet or exercise habits. 


The Lipo Laser gives significant girth loss that is maintained over repeated treatments and is cumulative over 4 weeks of 8 treatments. This girth loss of approximately one inch from the waist was accompanied by a clinically and statistically significant improvement in appearance.


  • 3.5 Inches in 8 treatments - AVERAGE without change
  • 6 inches in 8 treatments - AVERAGE
  • Greatest recorded, 38 inches total, in 27 treatments

Before and After Documented Photos